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I'm in my final year on University and thought about challenging myself with this 'Search for a Star' challenge. 

I couldn't spend as much time on this challenge as I've liked because I've been focusing more on University. So the overall showreel isn't finished and missing some animations.  

I managed to do the blockout for the 'release' but I didn't want to submit unfinished work. (It is find-able in the animation Maya files). 

The RIG I had chosen https://gumroad.com/truongcgartist?query=demon&sort=page_layout

Called 'Demon (big) Maya Rig'

Which turns out is never meant to leave maya and be imported into Unreal Engine and came with a heap of issues. 

I then had issues with rendering in Maya as I've never done it before, so I couldn't get those wonderful beauty renders to show off the animations I had done. 

Showreel : 


Pre-Production.rar 9 MB
AnimationMayaFiles.zip 39 MB

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